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Bar Counter Cup Washer Sink High-pressure Spray Automatic Faucet Coffee Pitcher Wash Cup Tool Kitchen

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    1. Easy operation with one hand
    Just gently press the high-pressure nozzle with the cup facing down
    2. Seiko quality
    Fashionable and versatile appearance, easy to clean and not rust
    3. High-pressure nozzle, five-hole nozzle
    Multi-angle spray washing is quicker and cleaner, just press lightly to spray immediately, pick up and close automatically
    4. 4-point interface, opening: 2.2cm
    Standard water inlet, strong versatility, widely suitable for commercial use, household bar counters

    Product Information:

    Suggested hole diameter: 2.2cm
    Cup washing nozzle diameter: 11.2cm
    Suitable for cups with a caliber less than 11CM

      Black: Black case + cup washer

    White: Silver case + cup washer
    Black set: Black case + cup washer + 0.8m water inlet pipe
    White set: Silver case + cup washer + 0.8m water inlet pipe


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